Case Study - Climate Bonds Initiative

Climate Bonds Initiative

The Client

Climate Bonds Initiative is an international, investor-focused not-for-profit organisation, mobilising the $100 trillion bond market for climate change solutions.

The Challenge

Climate Bonds Initiative has approximately 55 employees and contractors based in the UK and worldwide. The workstreams are complex and there was a need to define roles and responsibilities as well as clarify how people could progress and develop within the organisation. The organisation also wanted to ensure that those with people management responsibilities understood their role in effectively managing people.

The Solution

HR Think worked with the Chief Operating Officer, Anne Murrell, and the Project Board to establish the strategic issues that the organisation needed to address, the project objectives and milestones. HR Think conducted interviews with senior leaders and line managers to identify effective performance in terms of behaviours and skills and held a number of focus groups with current job incumbents to achieve buy in and ensure that the language used reflected the culture of the organisation. As a result a ‘Leadership Taxonomy’ of competencies was developed that provided a language for performance and development.

HR Think also worked with the Project Board to design an approach to job descriptions for the various roles across the organisation, which also included a ‘Manager’s Guide to Writing Job Descriptions’.

The Benefits

The Leadership Taxonomy provides staff with clarity of what effective performance looks like within the organisation, and together with the job descriptions and the organisation’s appraisal process, it helps to define career pathways across roles and functions, which the organisation considers a strategic activity for retaining and developing talent.

“I enjoyed working with Liz and was really pleased with the outcome of our work together. Liz developed a clear framework for the project, she managed deadlines and milestones professionally and communicated effectively. The collaborative process supported by Liz has meant that the results are understood and accepted across the organisation. A great success – thank you, Liz!”

Anne Murrell

Chief Operating Officer