You may be the type of person who is passionate about their work and has fixed ideas about how that work should be carried out. You may feel frustrated or even angry if the process isn’t followed or if you don’t feel in control.
Have you ever thought about how your behaviours affect your team? Have you wondered why staff turnover is so high and people seem to get upset in the workplace often? Are your team afraid to come to you with issues causing bigger problems down the line? Do they feel safe to contribute and safe to challenge you? What do you think feedback on your management style would look like if you asked your team? Are you being honest with yourself about your behaviour? Are you open to changing that behaviour?

Interacting with your team

How can you foster positive relationships with your colleagues? What active steps do you need to take? Learning skills to improve your interaction with others with the guidance of a management coach and then practising them can help. You may be surprised how much better you can then feel after interactions with employees. Coaching can guide you to a new and improved leadership style which will create a happier environment for you and your team.

Giving orders v friendly coaching

Fostering listening skills along with questioning and asking permission can make for a more friendly workplace. Asking permission in this context means inviting people to respond and give ideas and suggestions. This can be an excellent way of getting your team to buy into a way of working or a project.
Giving brusque orders and deadlines is not necessarily the best way to get the optimum performance from your team.

How management coaching can help

Coaching can help you to become more self-aware. How positive are you being in most situations? Would you like to be spoken to in the way you speak to others? Learn how to receive feedback as well as giving constructive feedback with positive elements.
If you have a bullying situation in your team and things have gone too far then early intervention can save time and referring a bully for coaching support can help to avoid disciplinary and grievance issues. If you team member struggles with interpersonal relationships at work and others are afraid of him or her then this is likely to be impacting performance and needs addressing.
What drives reactions to certain situations? Becoming more self-aware and guiding your leaders to become more self-aware can help to nip unacceptable responses in the bud.

Can mediation help to repair the damage?

Mediation can help to repair the situation if you have someone bullying colleagues. The aim is to rebuild confidence, trust and resilience amongst employees that are affected.
Guidance will be provided to change patterns of behaviour. It is important for employers to take steps to prevent further occurrences and to hold those behaving badly accountable to avoid employee relations situations escalating.
Agreeing outcomes and making plans on how to achieve them is the key.

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