SME’s can benefit from swift expert advice to deal with their employment issues. As an HR Consultant I can advise you on the latest best practice as well as helping you to remaining legally compliant.
If you are considering HR outsourcing, do consider the positive impact it can have for your organisation. Do you need advice on developing your talent? Are you unsure on how to conduct a workplace investigation? Is there conflict in your organisation and feel you may benefit from mediation? Do you want the peace of mind of an HR Consultant on the end of the phone when you aren’t sure if you are handling an HR issue correctly?


Do you need to make staff redundant? Do you want to roll out new contracts to your employees? Maybe you have a TUPE situation? These are examples of HR matters I can help and guide you with, helping to take the stress out of the situation.

Ad hoc

You may need ad hoc advice such as your first employee taking maternity leave or a disciplinary matter that you unsure of how to handle. I can help and I can even chair a disciplinary, grievance or appeal hearing if you need an extra experienced person.


Do you need an interim HR Consultant to cover family leave or to cover a period of exceptional workload? Again, I can help. With over 30 years of experience – there isn’t much relating to HR I haven’t seen!


Do you need regular HR advice? A retainer may be the way to go. Having an HR Consultant available when you need them can be invaluable and can help to avoid some of those sticky staffing situations that can escalate.

HR strategy

Would you like a second pair of eyes to look over your HR strategy or do you need a strategy drafted from scratch? I would take the time to understand your business before drafting a strategy for your employees to help with succession planning, expansion, or reorganisation. I can also guide you on change management.


Is your HR Fit for purpose?

Have you experienced a difficult staffing situation that could have been nipped in the bud with some experienced HR advice? An HR Consultant can help you to avoid those types of situations going forward.

Performance management

Do you need a plan for managing performance in your team? Do you not know where to start to introduce some consistency? Are poor performers slipping through the net? Do your staff have the opportunity to ask you for training or guidance on how to progress in their roles?

Audit & compliance

Are your contracts of employment up to date? Do you have an employee handbook or essential policies? I can guide you by reviewing what you have, updating as required and advising you on new policies you might need.


Do you have managers who need development to make them more reflective and effective leaders? I can assess the needs of your employees and can coach them in the areas where they are least effective. Improvements can benefit the organisation, the team, and the individual manager.


Are you trying to avoid an employment tribunal and need help with an issue between you and one of your employees for example? I am a qualified mediator and can assist you as an impartial third party to try and find a solution. This can help to resolve disagreements in a less formal way and it can be flexible to suit the parties involved.

There are numerous ways HR Consultancy can support your business, helping you to maintain an engaged and productive workforce as well as supporting you in with future plans for the people in your business.

If I can help with anything HR related do get in touch on with me at or phone 07803 007591.


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